Posted April 25, 2022, 12:09 a.m.

Posted By D. Stowater to Mullets at Heart

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Saltatio Mortis Fur Immer Frei My Mother Told Me
Amon Amarth Twilight Of The Thunder God Twilight Of The Thunder God
Ensiferum Unsung Heros In My Sword I Trust
Turisas The Varangian Way To Holmgard And Beyond
Ensiferum One Man Army One Man Army
Waylander Reawakening Pride Once Lost Born To The Fight
Valhalore Voyage Into Eternity Guardians Of Time
Turisas Stand Up And Fight Stand Up And Fight
Orden Ogan To The End The Things We Believe In
Tyr Valkyrja Blood Of Heroes
Wind Rose Stonehymn To Erabor
Cruachan Folk-Lore Ride On
Arkona Slovo Stenka Na Stenku
Korpiklaani A Man With A Plan A Man With A Plan
Drakum Around The Oak Around The Oak
Arkona Slovo Zakliatie
Heilung Ofnir Hakkerskaldyr
Eluveitie Everything Remains Sempiternal Embers
Eluveitie Evocation Ii - Pantheon Nantosvelta
Lunatic Soul Through Shaded Woods Navvie
Lunatic Soul Under The Fragmented Sky Untamed
Cruachan The Hawthorn The Hawthorn
Crimfall The Writ Of Sword Frost Upon Their Graves
Bathory Blood Fire Death Oden Ride Over Nordland
Nordheim Lost In The North Beer, Metal, Trolls And Vomit
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