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your weekly digest of queer underground music! usually electronic/hyperpop but can also just be whatever i'm feeling

zoomercore S2E7: freak it, we ball Posted Nov. 13, 2022, 9:52 p.m.

Posted By gupp1 to zoomercore

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Jane Remover Frailty Your Clothes
Bladee Spiderr Hahah
Dj Re:Code, Bio, Mickelbach Recodepop! (Disc Ii) Just Like You
Vai5000 Neura Burst! Ontop!
Blissom, Shibes Grow Up Grow Up
Food House, Gupi, Fraxiom Food House Sole
Torr Selfdestruct Selfdestruct
Tracey Brakes Perfect To The Core Perfect To The Core
Lundy, F1nley Divinity Of... Escapism ~Runaway~
Blissom Change Of Seasons What Then
Jane Remover Frailty Search Party
Hexd Iris Iris
Dj Re:Code, Outercosm, Patrick O'Neill Recodepop! (Disc Ii) Closer
Jedwill Immortal Immortal
Leyton Lakehouse Lakehouse
Dynastic, Jedwill Rare Haunts, Pt. I Lovely (Fire Away)
Leastfavorite!, Jauntsen, Polar Subject. Subject.
Kmoe It Gets Lonely It Gets Lonely
Saoirse Dream, Daywaiter Honest Honest
Blackwinterwells Gnarlethorne Gnarlethorne
Bladee Spiderr Dresden Er
Six Impala All Nighter, Vol. 6 6fingerdeathpunch
Vai5000, 22hereknowswhen Neura Burst! Saygoodbye! - 22hereknowswhen Remix
Cobra Roll Cloud Kingdom Serenity
Umru, Ravenna Golden, Sophie Cates Comfort Noise Speaker
Midwxst Back In Action 3.0 Infantry
Folie, Bean Boy 123! Lost The Project File
Booon! Booon! Taste And See That The Lord Is Good Gods Wisdom (Bonus Track)
Polygon Cove Dawn2dusk Never Grown
Courting Guitar Music Uncanny Valley Forever New Music
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