Chilling in the Shade

10 p.m.


Airs Mondays

Hosted By Sweet Juic3

Rap, Hyperpop, and anything that's a bop

Farewell Sweet Juic3 Posted April 29, 2024, 11:53 p.m.

Posted By Sweet Juic3 to Chilling in the Shade

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Yeat 2093 If We Being Real
Future, Metro Boomin We Don't Trust You We Don't Trust You
Money Man, Bc Marse Croptober No Pressure
L5 Nomo Free L5 You A Fool
917 Rackz Insecure
Jiccjucc 4 The Love Lying
Boolymon, Osamason Broad
Quinn I Used To Just Cry About It Heart Of Coal
Blxty Pulse
Twikipedia Swear To God
Emorave Deep End
Ufo361, Lucidbeatz, Ken Carson Rick Owens
Mazelfyre +++ Inc3l
Rari Kari Noclip Dream
Rari Kari Liminal Vampire
Ken Carson A Great Chaos Green Room
Osamason Osama Season Werkin
Quinn, Yuke Fruitfly
Bktherula Lvl5 P1 Crazy Girl
Lil Yachty Hi Roller / Demon Time
Sleepy Hallow, Lil Tjay Pain Talk
Future 56 Nights 56 Nights
Yo Gotti January 10th Hold Me Back
Lei Heartsick What Do You Want Me To Do?
Brakence Hypochondriac Intellectual Greed
Broly500! Love From Atlantis / Amulet! 220xx
Softheart, Sorrow Bringer Tombstone Carousel
Mazelfyre I'M The Only One
Kill Eva, Encassator Psycho Dreams (Sped Up)
Suicidal-Idol Ecstacy
8485, Drainpuppet Personal Protocol Scribbles
8485 Personal Protocol Atlantis (2*)
Incubus Make Yourself Drive
Wisp Your Face
Beabadoobee Beatopia The Perfect Pair
Mariah The Scientist Buckles Laboratories Presents: The Intermission Spread Thin
Fantasia Fantasia When I See U
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